Twinkle & Me is a handmade clothes shop inspired by a very special Auntie and niece relationship.
We make a beautiful range of handmade children’s clothes for little boys and girls in fun and colourful fabrics.

Our story

Twinkle & Me is run by me, Nikki, but inspired by my beautiful six year old niece, Taylor. I began making clothes for Taylor shortly after she was born and as she got older she began to ask for some very specific designs which she called “Auntie Nikki” dresses!

When we were out together, strangers would stop us in the street and ask where her clothes were from. So I made the decision to turn my passion into a small business and the range grew. I still make “Auntie Nikki” dresses but also now have tops, skirts, shorts and jumpers in the range.

Taylor is at the heart of everything I do.

She picks the designs, the fabrics, and she named the clothes (after her friends and favourite TV characters of course!). She even named the company – Twinkle is her nickname and it was my nickname as a child too so I loved it straight away. You will see Taylor’s face around the website, she’s one of my models!

If it’s on the website it’s been Twinkle Approved and she’s got high standards! As a personal touch all orders come with a handwritten thank you note from Taylor herself!

Thanks for stopping by.

Nikki and Taylor x

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We offer ready-made items, or items custom made for you.